"We were very happy to receive the wonderful carpets and are grateful because before we had them we had very cold bottoms. Plus, when we are in small groups of six people we like to pile them up so we are further away from the cold, hard floor. Now that I have written you, you can feel happy because you know that we appreciate it."

Sincerely yours,
Maya - Grade 3 Kakabeka School

"Thank you so much for the nice mats that you gave to us. I love the mats and no one wants to sit on the really cold floor. I hate when I have to sit on the really cold floor. The only time I like coldness is when it is winter. Now everybody has a really warm mat to sit on thanks to you who made them. I really thank you for reading my note."

Yours truly,
Raili - Grade 3 Kakabeka School

"We would like to thank Pierce Florcraft as one of our corporate partners. The business community has always been a huge supporter of sports teams in Thunder Bay and without this commitment we simply could not survive."

Brad Jorgenson - Thunder Bay Border Cats Owner

Pierce Florcraft believes in the importance of community!