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When choosing your hardwood floor, look at the finishes available and be sure to choose the right finish for your decor and lifestyle. Hardwood flooring is usually finished with a polyurethane coating to give it a rich look and offer a protective surface. The standard polyurethane finishes are semi-gloss, satin and matte. Semi-gloss finishes provide a high shine, whereas a satin finish offers a medium shine. When choosing a matte finish, you will find that your floor will not offer any shine. It is more practical for pets, children and higher traffic areas.

Homeowners with hardwood floors are often concerned with the damage that can happen during the winter season. Without proper care, winter’s harsh elements such as slush, snow and salt, can dull the finish of hardwood floors and can even cause gapping and warping. It is almost impossible to avoid the winter elements. After all, what would the season be without building a snowman or sledding? Rather than missing out on winter fun, here are a couple of simple steps to help protect your floors this winter.

Catching slush and snow with good quality mats at the door is the best way to avoid damage. It is important to keep these mats as clean and dry as possible. It is a good idea to invest in a second mat that you can use while drying the other, thus keeping your floor protected at all times. If your kids enjoy playing outside it is good to get them into the habit of taking off all of their wet gear as soon as they enter the house so that no water is tracked throughout the house. Always keep soft towels and a wet dry vacuum on hand in case you need to get rid of any water right away.

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